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Farmacol – B2C Pharmaceutical Quarterly

Design and production of an expert magazine

“Rodzina Zdrowia” is a 72-page quarterly from the B2C segment that we produce for the Farmacol brand. The magazine is available in the chain of over 2,000 pharmacies located around Poland. In the production of each issue, we’re responsible for the editorial concept, design and DTP.

“Rodzina Zdrowia” supports the building of brand awareness among the customers of pharmacies all around Poland. The magazine has the form of a guide that focuses on the topic of health. Its goal is to bring attention to the importance of disease prevention, and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, “Rodzina Zdrowia” serves as a space to promote pharmaceutical products and inform about new deals.

An attractive and varied visual layout and reliability of the editorial content are the magazine’s main differentiators. The quarterly focuses on seasonal topics, but its additional lifestyle content makes it a timeless read.