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Kraków Airport – Airport Magazine

Concept and production of a custom magazine

“Airgate” is a bilingual 64-page bimonthly that we produce for the Kraków-Balice airport. The magazine has the circulation of 15,000 copies and is available throughout the whole airport and in select spots in Kraków. We’re responsible for the entire production of the magazine, from the editorial concept, through design and DTP, to print and distribution.

The magazine focuses mainly on travel, lifestyle and business topics. In the creation of each issue, we cooperate with travellers, journalists and influencers. “Airgate” both serves as a tool for communication between the airport and the passengers, and has the features of an inspirational magazine that promotes the Lesser Poland region.

Apart from the three main sections: “Travel,” “Lifestyle” and “Business,” “Airgate” also features one called “Zoom” that aims to promote the Lesser Poland region and Kraków.


For professionalism and a sophisticated layout