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Piotr i Paweł – B2C Lifestyle Magazine

Concept and production of a custom culinary magazine

“Spiżarnia smaków” is a 100-page quarterly available in one of the largest supermarket chains in Poland, Piotr i Paweł. We’re responsible for all the stages of creating every issue, from the editorial concept, through design and DTP, to printing and distribution.

“Spiżarnia smaków” is characterised by a large quantity of culinary content, which consists of both recipes and culinary advice, and inspiration articles. Apart from that, the readers of the magazine can find information about products and deals available at the Piotr i Paweł chain of stores. They can also participate in numerous contests with awards, which we organise.

“Spiżarnia Smaków” is a quarterly dedicated to cooking, travel, cultural initiatives, healthy and active lifestyle, and noteworthy events.


For a consistent cooperation with bloggers and creation of a practical and inspiring publication with recipes