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SPAR – B2C Lifestyle Magazine

Design and production of a custom magazine

“Ze Smakiem” is a quarterly from the B2C segment that we’ve created for the SPAR brand – an international chain of grocery stores operating in 44 countries on 4 continents. The magazine supports the promotion of SPAR’s image in Poland. We publish it in the circulation of 65,000 copies and in the volume of 60 pages per issue. We’re responsible for the whole process of production: from concept, through content creation, design and DTP, to printing and distribution.

The “Ze Smakiem” magazine is a tool for building customer loyalty and one of the elements of reinforcing the image of the SPAR brand. The magazine has the form of a culinary guide. It’s co-created by cooks and bloggers, who supply unique content in the areas of lifestyle, advice and inspiration. The recipes provide readers with numerous tips and inspirations for making everyday shopping decisions.

“Ze Smakiem” is a platform for presenting and promoting the private label products of SPAR, as well sa other producers, available in its stores. Apart from driving sales, the magazine also serves a brand promoting function.