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Stokrotka – B2C Lifestyle Magazine

Design and production of a custom magazine

“Stokrotka Magazyn” has constantly and effectively built the brand identity and strengthened the image of the Stokrotka chain of stores since 2015. The magazine is published in a quarterly cycle in the circulation of 50,000 copies. We’re partly responsible for the editorial, publishing and distribution cycle.

Throughout 72 pages, in a modern, clear and friendly layout, the magazine presents advice, culinary, inspirational and lifestyle articles. In the preparation of the topics for each issue, we cooperate with experts in the fields of psychology, pedagogy and cooking. The result is a magazine where the readers will find useful ideas for shopping, eating and spending free time.

“Stokrotka Magazyn” presents unique lifestyle topics, based on journalistic interviews with elements of reportage. The magazine also regularly features popular and respected journalists, cooks and celebrities.