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Tesco – B2C Lifestyle Magazine

Design and production of an alcohol-themed custom magazine

“Magazyn Alkohole” is a quarterly that we’ve produced for Tesco since 2012. The publication has the circulation of 100,000 copies and the volume of 68 pages. The magazine has received numerous industry awards. In 2017, it received yet another silver “Columns of the Year” award from the Content Marketing Association Poland. We’re responsible for the complete production of the project – from the concept, through the collection and creation of content, to DTP, printing and distribution.

“Magazyn Alkohole” is created in cooperation with numerous experts: sommeliers, tasters, bartenders and companies and associations from the alcohol industry. Its professional articles serve to raise the readers’ awareness about alcohol products and shape the culture of their consumption. Additionally, the magazine strengthens the positive image of the Tesco chain of stores.

Professional topics are subtly interwoven with culinary, travel and lifestyle content. The magazine is made unique by its light and modern layout, bespoke articles and numerous contests with prizes.


For versatile and reader-friendly content, considered selection of experts and engaging educational quizzes


For educating about products and their history


For high visual quality and professional content